Why choose Empire Financial Services S.L.?

  • We are recognized for our expertise in the establishment of international businesses in Spain.
    In fact, International tax authorities have requested input from our founding partner a number of times regarding modifications to the VAT regulations. Most recently Empire Financial Services S.L. was chosen along with only two other firms in Spain for a pilot program relating to VAT refunds.
  • We provide the services you need AFTER your Spanish company is formed.
    By having corporate/tax lawyers, accountants, and payroll specialists in the same office, your business needs are covered, and information passes between them without requiring your intervention. Our expert tax planners can help minimize your tax burden, such as advising on the best way to move capital from the parent company to the new Spanish company, and how much salary the company director should receive.
  • Our turnaround time is faster than a “Big 4” firm because of our size and use of cutting-edge technologies.
    We are certified by the authorities and by the social security office to send all documents electronically, cutting down on time, costs, and the chance of papers getting lost. Empire Financial Services S.L. is a leader among business coaching firms in taking advantage of the Spanish government’s technological initiatives.
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