Venture Capital Investors

Venture Capital Investors

Venture capitalist investors are private investors for financing new or growing businesses and even struggling established businesses. Venture capital investors are generally high-risk investments but can offer the potential for above-average returns and/or a percentage of ownership of the company. A venture capitalist (VC) is a person who makes such investments. A venture capital fund is an investment which is often a partnership that primarily invests the financial capital of third-party investors in enterprises and businesses that are often too risky for the standard capital markets or bank loans. Venture capitalists typically get involved in larger funding efforts. Most venture capitalists do not get involved with any business for less than EUR 500,000.00 That’s not to say all venture capitalists are only after big business, however, they tend to get involved with businesses that require several rounds of funding and their exit strategy may be a floatation or for a fixed value beyond that of yours.

Some venture capitalists find themselves partners in new business they are funding. Most take an active role the businesses although a few, simply provide the funds and step aside, preferring to let the experts handle the day to day details of running their businesses.

We have created a unique and very confidential personal service for our accredited venture capitalists so that they are able to find the finest investment opportunities without exception. Our formal processes permit us to tailor investment opportunities to our pool of accredited venture capitalists and to reduce much of the risk element associated with speculative investments. Although we are not FSA (Financial Services Authority ) approved, we are able to undertake a thorough assessment of every business opportunity coming before us. To this end, we use formal methodologies to assess and quantify any and all of the risks associated with a specific business venture. Why not join our investors club to see how we can help you to substantially boost your investment portfolio, increase the return on your profits and provide you with a greater return on your investment than you would normally find through any other venue. Our investors club is second to none. Rather than taking the machine gun approach of broadcasting business plans to all and sundry, or posting them on our web site; we prefer to take a more practical and structured approach of matching our entrepreneurs with our venture capital investors. We have known of some entrepreneurs that had grown their businesses to a specific size and turnover and were trapped into staying in the business, because their venture capitalist investors would not permit them to sell the business off for less than the Investment Rate of Return (IRR) agreed when the venture capital money was injected.

When dealing with venture capitalists, there is a lot of legal work, concerning “Due Diligence”. The funding agreements tend to be complex and the exit strategy for both parties is defined by a lawful and legal contract. When dealing with venture capitalists, it is definitely a case of buyer beware.

If your business ever attains the level where VC money becomes a viable option, don’t jump at the first offer. Shop around. If one particular VC likes your business, then others will. Present your case carefully to as many VC investors as you can and carefully consider each offer before you accept their money. Take your time and exercise prudence.

Our personalized approach allows us to provide a full service delivery offering on a subject that we are excellent at managing. We view the whole process as a recipe for success for all concerned. We apply metrics to all of our business processes so that we can measure our success ratio and also to monitor our quality control.

Our formal methodology permits accredited investors to view business plans written in an impartial and consistent manner; with conservative, realistic and practical projections for our business opportunities.

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