Improving Business Cash Flow

Improving business cash flow

There are many ways, in which your company can take the required steps to improve its cash flow and ultimately, its profitability.

We identify and describe some of the ways we can help companies through these troubled economic times by reducing costs, improving efficiency and improving cash flow.

Our formal methodologies are tailored on a case by case basis to find an appropriate solution to your business problems.

Business Process Re-engineering

Business process reengineering (BPR) is the analysis and redesign of workflow within and between businesses.

Typical improvements tend to improve:

  • Organisational efficiency
  • Cash flow
  • Profitability
  • Service delivery
  • Customer satisfaction

BPR can also provide a better working environment for your staff, as well as a less stressful working environment in many areas of your company. BPR is a structured way for businesses to modernise and become more efficient; resulting in a better performing company, with reduced costs. Some changes may only be minor, but they may have a dramatic effect on every aspect of your business operations.

Our consultants examine your business processes from a top-down approach, produce accurate and detailed process maps, which define every aspect of your business operations from your business plan, right down to the most menial chore. We go to these levels of detail, so that we can ensure we are able to help you to identify what (if any), changes would be most beneficial to your business operations.

Just in time ordering

Just in time ordering(JIT) is a way of improving your cash flow, by tightly managing and controlling the minimum amounts of inventory and stock your business really needs to carry. JIT is often used in conjunction with Supply Chain Management techniques and in manufacturing environments, JIT is used alongside other formal techniques, such as Just In Time Tools, Supply Chain Management, KANBAN and others. Properly used, JIT is a powerful tool, which can provide the following benefits.

  • Improved cash flow through reduced inventory costs
  • Reduced space requirements for inventory and stock warehousing
  • Less wastage through obsolete or outdated stock
  • Greater return on investment (ROI)
  • Better profitability


The credit crunch and your business

Currently, many larger companies are experiencing the credit squeeze, as merchant banks and financial institutions tighten their belts. As time progresses and raising money becomes more difficult, many entrepreneurs and business owners, look to venture capitalists and others, in an attempt to raise the vital funds they so desperately require to startup or continue in business.

The problems suffered with the U.S. sub-prime market last year, have had devastating effects. Banks and other financial institutions are becoming far more cautious when it comes to offering loans, mortgages and other financial services. With oil prices reaching all time highs and arable farm land being used to grow crops suitable for the production of bio-diesel; food prices are being driven higher and the knock on effects are causing a huge strain on national economies globally. Managing and maintaining a positive cash flow for your business is crucial to the successful continuation of your business.

So what’s the best way to survive?

In the first instance, it is very important to maintain positive cash flow and also to create excellent relationships with all of your suppliers as well as your creditors. Your suppliers are probably in a similar position to you and therefore, will be experiencing very similar concerns to the ones you have. By maintaining good lines of communication with your creditors, you can set and manage their expectations; with respect to ordering and payment.

Shop around for the best deal for whatever you need. An hour or so surfing the web, could yield amazing results. Over the last few months, suppliers have been anxious to secure any deal that keeps their cash flow positive. Like you, everyone is hungry for business and they may be hungry enough to take less profit; just so they can maintain their cash flow.If you have got a good deal on something, there is a good probability that you could do better elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to shop around. In every business CASH FLOW IS KING!!!

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