Grant Finance

Grant Finance

A grant is a sum of money given to an individual or business for a specific project or purpose which as long as the conditions of the grant our kept the amount does not have to be re-payed. There is a lot of grant money available from a variety of sources and it is worth researching to see if there is anything about you or your business that could qualify for grant funding.

Grants to help with business development are available from a variety of different sources, such as the government, Business Link, European Union, Regional Development Agencies, local authorities and some charitable organisations.

Grants are generally awarded for projects like research and development, training, and investment where firms will create further jobs through exports.

There are several considerations when considering grant funding.

  • Applicability of available grants to your business requirements
  • The time it takes to qualify for a grant
  • What you have to do to qualify for the grant

Contact  Empire Financial Services S.L. today to see if you might qualify for a grant.

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