Find a SME

Find an SME

Are you an investor who is looking for the latest Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME) to invest in?

Are you a Small -to-Medium Enterprises (SME) who is looking for an investor to provide them with funding?

Either way you’re searching is over thanks to Empire Financial Services S.L. Simply join our investors club and with the help from Empire Financial Services S.L. you will either be matched with the right investor or the right type of business opportunity.

A small to medium business or SME as they are known in short, represent companies whose headcount or turnover falls below certain limits. If a business has 50 or less employees it is classed as a small business. If a business has 250 or less it is classed as a medium business.

In most economics it is the smaller enterprises that are greater in number. In the EU SME’s comprise approximately 99% of all firms and they employ about 65 million people. They are the businesses that drive innovation and competition, which is just one of the reasons why it is an important area of economic policy to provide SME’s with finance and support.

SME’s have a great impact on our economy, which is why they are an important factor. The majority of SME’s use a simple business structure and are confined to being a single company.

At Empire Financial Services S.L. we are being contacted constantly by small and medium sized enterprises who are all looking for advice and investment funding options. We also continually get investors contacting us who are looking for SME businesses that are hoping to gain funding.

As a member of our investors club you will be able to find the best investors and SME businesses before anyone else. You will have access to our database 24/7 and registration couldn’t be easier. Just fill in our online form and away you go!

The exclusive investors club here at Empire Financial Services S.L. has already benefited countless investors and SME businesses so what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start seeing the advantage straight away.

For more information about what Empire Financial Services S.L. can do for you get in touch with Empire Financial Services S.L. today and we will help you in anyway that we can.

If you want to join our Investors Club please sign up here then we can match the investor with the right type of business opportunity.

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